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Welcome To The World Of Sacred Sounds Radio!
Divinely Inspired Music To Open and Uplift You Along Your Journey

Sacred Sounds Internet Radio ... Yoga For Your Ears

Devotional Music, Kirtan, Mantra, Chant, Bhajan, Raga
In oneness we sing, connect, gather, rejoice, listen, live, love, share ...

Take a sacred journey into the divine realms of celestial music with artists like Deva Premal, Krishna Das, Peter Gabriel, Girish, Larisa Stow & Shakti Tribe, David Newman and Sheila Chandra.

This station is committed to being your source for sacred world music by bringing you a wide range of the very best in accessible, contemporary East meets West sacred music to more traditional kirtan like the Temple Bhajan Band. We update our rotation frequently and are always searching for new artists that inspire, uplift and above all help remind us to see the love, peace and joy that exists in everyone and in everything.

And while you’re tuned in don’t miss the opportunity to read up on your favorite artists or learn more about a new artist. Our hope is that you not only become a regular listener, but that you’ll find many other reasons to come and visit us again and again. Thanks for tuning in.

The We Are One Campaign Is Here!
Now there is a way you can support Sacred Sounds Radio!

Sacred Sounds Radio was born in the fall of 2004 out of a desire to share Sacred World music—Yoga for your Ears—with everyone. Never before had there been a place to continuously listen, discover and be inspired by East meets West kirtan, bhajan, raga, mantra, chant…all of the music in large part born out of the yoga movement in the Western world. So we created it from the ground up…and we’re still here today!

This has been a labor of love for all of us that work on the radio station and website. What does that really mean?

It means that all of the costs associated with running and maintaining the radio station and website come out of our pockets and all of the hours of labor in maintaining the play lists, updating the website, and writing articles on the artists we play are donated. We feel the time has come to reach out to our community of listeners and ask for your help in covering our expenses. Any gift—no matter how great or small—will help us financially and inspire us to keep the station running.

We’re calling this our We Are One Campaign and hope you will join in! That means you can sign up and gift $1 a year, $1 a month, $1 a week or $1 a day ... whatever you feel you can give to support keeping the station and website alive! Of course you can gift in any amount you desire, but we really liked the sound of We Are One :-)!


Our Artist Spotlight features Sacred World artist Girish. He is back with his latest release Diamonds in the Sun.
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